Our Philosophy & Approach To Landscape Design:

  We believe that nature is integrated in our everyday lives with multiple dimensions of interpretations and guidance that engage and intrigue us to draw new forms of authentic design character previously unseen by the user.
Although we look for design inspiration from nature for abstract perspectives, we do not believe in designing nature to be retained as low maintenance. Doing so will produce a fruitless state of unintelligent green design.


As creative landscape designers, we will use sustainable principles to ensure that the proposed landscape design includes a selection of plants that tolerate neglect and environmental maltreatment.


View our brochure of landscaping design services, diagrams and before/after photos:
Sergio's Landscaping Design Booklet

To give these imagined expressions a desirable form, our developmental design process includes asking challenging questions of the client, analyzing the spaces and uses, collaboration, and brainstorming to conceive a positive design outcome.


An important piece of the design process is having a deep understanding of our clients’ lives, and how they use their outdoor living spaces to arrive at an appropriate and thoughtful design solution based on their needs and wants. This is an illustrative method of true depth and design practice requiring time, effort, and investment.


Our design strategy is conceived by investigating the opportunities and constraints within the scope of the project. We listen, observe, and take vital notes as an intelligent means of communication to deconstruct certain elements of the design process; for example, the process of rearranging a proposed walkway or structure by exploring different effects, adding and eliminating materials, and considering their relationship to the associated spaces for the purity of a higher design adaptation. Our design solutions provide the user with a landscape plan based on our observation, information from the client, and analysis of the outdoor spaces and uses, culminating in the final design.


Our creative landscape design dialogue is to establish a positive language centered on the people who will occupy the new modified space, establishing a deeper sense of ownership (sense of place), and a commitment of appreciation to care and nurture the ever changing living shapes and colors that will transform the property owner’s every aspect of their life from home to work.

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